Caldwell Manufacturing

ENGINUITY™ Automation Systems

Caldwell is pioneering fenestration automation with ENGINUITY™ for patio doors and slider or hung windows. Bring your doors and windows to life at the push of a button.

Our automation systems come with built in safety features pending UL approval, and smart home compatibility which allow for many green initiatives. They are also an effective way to meet ADA Requirements (application dependent).

Versatile Product Applications

OEM Partners insert our products into their doors and windows, for new construction and renovations. Can be applied to single panel doors, sliding windows and hung windows.

Caldwell Enginuity Main Assembly


Bring your doors and windows to life at the push of a button.

Sliding Door Assembly

ENGINUITY™ for Patio Doors

Integrates into the head track with no sightline interference.

Enginuity for Hung Windows

ENGINUITY™ for Hung Windows

Integrates into the side jamb or on the face of the window with no sightline interference.


ENGINUITY™ for Hung Windows

Easily operate windows that are out of reach.

Going Green

Our Automation Systems were featured in DWM Shelter’s Green Awards. We received this award “For envisioning how windows and home automation might play a bigger role in energy savings."

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